We are often asked about good books on the subject of Chinese art. There are many available but the following publications are excellent reference books both for the experienced collector and for the novice.


Chinese antiquities, Chinese ceramics and Chinese works of wrt

Mysteries of Ancient Chine,
Edited by Jessica Rawson, ISBN 0-8076-1412-2.
Covers the Neolithic to Han periods.


Chinese Ceramics:"The New Standard Guide"

Edited by He Li, ISBN 0-500-23727-1.

Probably one of the best available with many technical references to the manufacture of pottery and porcelain as well as many photographic examples of Chinese ceramics. Covers all periods.


Bronze, Clay & Stone:"Chinese Art in the Wang Family Collection"

Edited by Annette Juliano, ISBN 0-295-96805-2.
A book compiled from examples from a private collection.


Het oude China

Edited by Maurizio Scarpari, ISBN 90-5841-005-6.
An excellent book translated into Dutch from Italian, outstanding photographs and technical information. Covers Neolithic to Tang periods.


The Spirit of Han

Compiled from a far eastern exhibition, ISBN 981-00-2961-6.
As the name suggests, concentrates on pottery from the Western and Easter Han periods.