The legendary romance between Yang Guifei and Emperor Xuanzong

The legendary romance between Yang Guifei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, and Emperor Xuanzong is said to have led to the decline of the dynasty and also inspired the great poet Bai Juyi to compose one of his most famous works.

The Thermoluminescence (TL) test, The scientific facts.

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MINGQI - providing for life in the next world

At Chinese funerals today, you can still see paper replicas of houses, cars, jewellry and money being burnt, a ritual performed in the belief that the dead would be supplied with all the things they could need in the next life.

The lesser known terracotta army of Hanyangling

The Mausoleum of the Western Han Emperor JingDi.
Considered to be the most important discovery of the last 25 years, the Yangling Mausoleum is the joint tomb of the Western Han Dynasty Emperor JingDi (Liuqi) and his Empress, Wang.

The importance of the horse in Chinese art

Second only to the dragon, the horse is regarded by the Chinese as a creature with magical powers. It is no wonder therefore, that Chinese history tells us of it's importance in actual life and the necessity for it's presence in the afterlife.

The Legend of the Fat Lady in Chinese Art

The plump beauty Yang Gufei is generally regarded as the living model for the statues that we know today as the Tang Fat Lady. Her influence over the Emperor Xuanzong was so great that it contributed significanly to the fall of China's Golden Age.

Horses and Camels

Animals are an essential part of the story of the Silk Road. While those such as sheep and goats provided many communities the essentials of daily life, horses and camels both supplied local needs and were key to the development of international relations and trade.

TL Testing

TL testing is the best scientific test available to determine the "Zero" point or, date of manufacture of terrcotta and low fired pottery, porcelain and stoneware and casting core bronzes.